As the world changes, technology to keeps evolving at a faster rate. Back in the olden days, people has simple antennas that helped then receive signals for them to watch TV channels. Currently, HDTV have entered the market forcing the exit of some of these albeit grainy antennas.

In the following article, we are going to deal with how to install an HDTV antenna correctly.

Indoor or Outdoor HDTV Antenna?

HD antennas come in two types namely outdoor and indoor. The indoor ones can accurately receive signals if the owner resides near a broadcasting tower.

Outdoor antennas are used when the broadcasting tower seems to be far, thus creating a need to be installed on rooftops. When it comes to this option, it is better to contact a professional to install the antenna for you, though you can do it yourself.

Tools and material needed for installation

You will need U-clamp nails, Nail gun, HD digital tuner, coaxial cable, nail gun, Silicone caulk, Screwdrivers, and Power drill.

Inspect the TV

cabling is really important

Cabling is really important

Supposing you have an antenna on your roof that was installed earlier, first try to connect it to the TV to see if you it will receive signals.

Select the appropriate HD antenna

In the market, there are numerous types of HD antennas that allow the taste of choice. It is advisable to know which broadcast tower is nearer your home to select the best antenna that can work there. Such information can be found on the internet.

Organise to install the antenna

On the internet, you will find websites that have various channels together with their compass headings. You will need to use a compass to determine the direction that the antenna needs to face.

Start by installing a mounting bracket

When you purchase the mounting bracket, it comes with a manual. Adhere to the instruction on the manual to properly fix the mounting bracket on the roof. Secure the bracket with roofing screws and smear silicone caulk at the screws to prevent water from penetrating.

Antenna assembling

Some antennas that are bought already assembled and some need to be collected after being purchased.

Fix the antenna pole

Untighten the bolts found at the sleeve of the mounting bracket, then slip the pole in till it gets to the sleeve’s bottom, followed by tightening the bolts again to secure the pole firmly.

Settle the antenna on the pole

purchase the right brand for your tvAt the antenna’s sleeve, some bolts will have to be loosened. Fix the sleeve on top of the pole. Observe to ensure that the sleeve and the top join. Turn the antenna to face the direction where the broadcast tower is. Do not tighten the bolts as you will need to adjust the direction of the antenna later.

Fix a Temporary Cable Line

Have the cable output terminal of the antenna connected with coaxial cable. Let the cable run to the TV, but do not fix it. Join the other loose end of the cable line to the back of the HDTV where an input slot is, then switch on the TV.

Try to tune to local channels available to see if an HD signal will be received. You need someone to be watching if there is a signal while you keep adjusting the antenna on the roof.

Tightly secure each loose part.

When you find the best position for the antenna, one that received better signals, tighten the bolts at the sleeve. Also, place the coaxial cable well at the roof while using a nail gun together with u-clamp nails to fix the cable firmly in place. Connect the coaxial cable to the TV and enjoy.

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