Home insulation protects you from the winter cold. Although most of Australia hardly experiences winter, there are still sufficient reasons why you need to insulate your home.

Boost the comfort of your home

One of the reasons why you need to insulate your home is to improve the comfort of the house. The house is comfortable if particular conditions are maintained. For instance, you don’t want to be enjoying the warmth of your home only to be hit by the cold air when a storm begins building outside. With insulation, the conditions in the house are maintained at a comfortable optimum level.

Reduce energy waste

Without proper insulation, much of the heat generated by the furnace and the heater is lost to the outside through the un-insulated walls. It is estimated that a typical un-insulated house loses 20% of useful heat to the outside. Another way the energy is wasted is when the heaters and the furnace struggle to keep up with the change in room temperature. For instance, if there is a sudden inflow of cold air into the house, the heater will begin struggling to reach the thermostat’s set temperature. This strain comes at a cost. As a result, lots of energy is lost due to this imbalance. If the walls were insulated, there could be less energy loss.

Lowering heating costs

The most cited reason for insulation is cutting the energy bill. The more the heater struggles to keep up with the wide variation in room temperature, the bigger the electricity bill. When a lot of the heat is being lost to the outside by the heater and the furnace, they become inefficient. As a result, you will end up paying more for gas and electricity. Insulating your home can cut energy-related costs by a third of what you used to spend on the same previously.

Improve the air quality

When you insulate and seal your home, you get total control of air flow and the moisture entering the house. This helps you minimize the pollutants entering the house.