Toys are a huge part of every kid youth and education these days. They are also a good way to keep your kids busy during a home improvement project !


Wood is the material symbol of authenticity, refinement, and timeless in the current educational toys.

Wood is a poetic and familiar substance which does not break up a child from close contact with the floor, the table, and tree. Wood does not shatter, breakdown or wound, and can last for a long time hence suitable for making toys.

wooden mice to play with

Wood-made toys are an important part of our culture and heritage and are much safer for your kids than metal and plastic toys.

Playing is very important for the development of your child. It develops a range of qualities such as the development of social skill during the interaction. Wooden toys encourage the development of critical skills for your kids.

Here are the benefits of wooden toys for home education.

Wooden toys are safe

Wooden toys are an alternative to plastic or metal toys as they are free from high levels of toxins and chemicals. If your baby tends to put everything into his mouth, a wooden toy is of particular importance to him. Traditional wooden toys are made of all-natural materials, not toxic plastics as craftsmen and artisans build them.

They are safe for kids as they don’t need software patches, electricity or batteries. It’s advisable to choose a toy that is made with natural oils, non-toxic finishes, and paints or bee wax.

They are also durable

old fashion toys are backKids are rough particularly on their toys and another kind of educational materials. There is a likelihood that you can’t miss a broken toy around your home. A couple of generations can enjoy wooden toys and have the ability to last throughout generations. Since they are solid and made quality wood, it is hard for them to get damaged beyond the basic dent or scratch.

These toys are timeless

Wooden toys are trendy in their unique ways. In fact, wooden toys have been stylish for decades. Most grandparents were using these toys, and there is a likelihood that your grandchildren will also learn with wooden toys. Wooden toys still retain the same classical feel and provide the same education benefits to your children despite companies designing and coloring them.

They encourage imagination

With a wooden toy; a child can get the ability to take control. Toys come in different shapes such as the form of a household item and vehicle among others.

They encourage kids to use their imaginations to integrate them into play and learning.

There are educational wooden toys that come in shapes such as blocks, arcs sticks, circles, and triangles. Toys with such shapes allow kids to explore their uses and as such find creative ways to use them in a different subject area.

They grow with your kids

Wooden toys are a good investment for home education as they are versatile and durable thus grow with your child. For instance, toddlers may engage in basic manipulation and simple, imaginative play with wooden toys whereas older children can incorporate wood-made toys in complex, imaginative scenarios and use them to solve problems. In fact, the use of the wooden toy grows as your kid’s mental abilities and skills grow.

Wooden toys can be used in ingenious ways in home education thus can easily connect with a panoptic range of ability levels and ages.

They are environmental friendly

Toys ought to be safe for children to play with and also environmental friendly. Therefore, when choosing a toy for your kid, ensure that it is well crafted and made from biodegradable, natural, recyclable or recycled materials.

An environmental friendly toy is made of natural and organic fibers such as cotton, and sustainable wood. Purchasing a wooden toy for your kid is an ideal way to protect his future as you protect the environment from the damage caused by plastics.

So if you are looking for way to keep your little ones busy while working in your future family house, this is definitely a solid option for you!