Doing work in your home or a particular room is a source of enthusiasm: see the result, make the finishes to your liking, enjoy a new space, have a beautiful and modern home, finally change always makes you You feel more contented.

But after all, construction follows a rather unpleasant part that consists of picking up the rubble, removing the earth and making everything smoke as if nothing had happened. Do not be discouraged! Today, we reveal the tricks to clean a room after work without it taking all your time.

before and after cleaning

Say goodbye to the dust.

It is very likely that after moving the furniture, broken walls or cut and sanded, there remains a layer of unwanted dust floating throughout your home. A quick and straightforward way to get rid of these particles is to open a window and place a blowing fan out, you will see that little by little the air in your home purifies, and particles become more and more scarce.

To clean the ceiling and walls take a wet mop.

mess after home workImmerse it in a bucket with water and squeeze it until it no longer dribbles. Then place it in the shared corner of the wall and ceiling and act as if you were cleaning the floor. Rinse the mop and repeat. This procedure can be applied on all walls.

To remove dirt from objects, wipe a cloth with water and detergent and wring it well.

It is important that the towel is not full of water, you could carry dirt from one place to another. Once the towel is thoroughly wrung, pass it on electrical appliances, tables and windows, rinse and repeat the procedure.

To clean the floor, it is important not to sweep to avoid scattering dirt and rubble and dust particles.

To leave the floor impeccable we recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a filter of high efficiency (if you do not have one, ask one to someone). These vacuums absorb up to the smallest dirt, and you must pass it carefully avoiding the dust-free areas. When you have passed it a dozen times, clean the filter and try again.

If after you have sucked out, you spot stains on the floor, moisten a cloth with a little soda water and rub the floor until the stain disappears. You can also try with a little hydrogen peroxide.

If you need to remove leftover paint, varnish or enamel, moisten the stain with a little nail remover with acetone, the dirt will disappear in a few seconds, and you will only have to pass a mop.

Remains of cement, earth or glue easily go with a scrub or stain remover, you may not have it at home, but you will find it in any hardware store. Wet a cloth with the scrub, pass it over the stain and then scratch it with a spatula.

The most important tip of all is to prevent dirt from accumulating. If you live in the house during its renovation, eliminate dust after every day of work, this will help to avoid it from accumulating and sticking to the walls. If you can sleep outside the house during construction, go on weekends to get some order, because the more time you spend, the more dust and chemicals will adhere to the surface, and the more difficult it will be to clean. To find more visit this twitter profile!